What Makes Jazz Candles Unique?

We Know That Candle Making Sounds Basic.
Simply combine some wax, fragrance, a wick and voila; a candle is born. But take a closer look and you might be surprised by the real science we put into making our candles.

One Size Wick Does Not Fit All.
Did you know that each of our candles carries a different size wick for each scent? The wicks in our Birds Of Paradise are very small compared to the wicks in our Romantic Nights, and for good reason. There are no 2 fragrant oils that burn the same. Some fragrant oils are very easy to burn, while others are very hard to burn. That is why sometimes you may have bought a candle that burns either very slow and goes out (it needed a bigger wick) or burns to hot (it needed a smaller wick). That is why we test burn each and every fragrant oil to make sure we put the right size wicks that is required for that fragrant oil. When you burn a Jazz Candle you will get a candle that will burn cleanly, evenly and safely all the way down to the bottom of the jar if you follow our burning instructions.

All Wax Is Not Created Equal.
Wax does more than just form the shape of the candle. When it's melted, it will release the fragrant molecule and the scent will fill the room. This is where Jazz Candles excels above the other candle companies. Let us explain. Have you ever bought a candle and it smelled great in the jar, only to get it home and light it and you could smell nothing. More then likely it was a straight paraffin wax that was hard as a rock. The fragrant molecule does not release from the wax and you end up with a candle that you can not smell.

The wax is one of the key ingredients that makes for a strong scented candle. We take great pride in the proprietary soy blend wax we have formulated. It took 6 months of testing to come up with our formula. What we tested for was how far away we could smell the candle. After 6 months of testing we had created a wax formula that allowed us to smell the candle 60 feet away! And that candle scented an area that was over 2,000 sq.ft. When we say our candles will scent a 2,000 sq.ft. home we mean it. We do have a few scents that are lighter and are meant to only scent an area of around 1,300-1,500 sq. ft., but over 90% of our scents will fill a 2,000 sq.ft. home with ease.

The Handmade Difference
We also place high demands on our suppliers of both our wax and fragrant oils. These two components are the keys as to what makes burning a Jazz Candle so unique. Our proprietary soy blend wax is formulated to throw the scent throughout your home. The amount of oil we place in each candle (triple scented) is what makes them one of the strongest smelling candles on the market today. Our fragrances are blended throughout all our wax, not just layered on the top. And you will be glad to know that all of our candles are HAND POURED IN SHREVEPORT, LA. USA! 

Our method is not the easiest or least expensive way to make candles, but we believe it is the right way - the only way, to get the highest quality you have come to know from Jazz Candles.  If you would like to be a retailer for our fine products visit our WHOLESALE section of the website jazzcandles.com/wholesale. We have very competitive pricing on our wholesale scented candles and wholesale scented wax melts. Call us at 318-686-8583 or email us for pricing. .