What About Lead Core Wicks?

Candles have recently been the subject of inaccurate and misleading media reports involving lead wicks.  We would like to clarify any misconceptions that may have arisen as a result of these stories.

A recent study by a professor at the University of Michigan and a press release from Public Citizen has raised the question of lead wicks in foreign and domestic candles sold in the U.S. His study was prompted by the Australian government’s ban on lead wicks after a study of Chinese candles revealed that these candles did contain lead wicks.

We want to reassure you that Jazz Candles are completely safe and do not contain lead-core wicks. All of our wicks are purchased direct from the manufacture here in the U.S.

Most candles produced in the U.S. contain lead-free wicks which are constructed of zinc or tin which poses no health risk.

You can determine if a candle has a lead-core wick by cutting off a piece of the metal tip. When rubbed on a piece of paper, the lead will leave a pencil-like mark, while zinc or tin will not.